Thursday, October 14, 2010

Blood Alcohol Concentration Calculator (vBacc)

vBacc is available for Android download from the Android Market place.

vBacc estimates your Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) based on the number of drinks you have consumed, the elapsed time between drinks, your body weight, and your sex.

vBacc is for entertainment purposes only. DO NOT use estimates from vBacc to determine your ability to participate in activities that are dangerous while intoxicated. vBacc may under-estimate your BAC since BAC is determined by many complex factors.

When you first start with vBacc hit the config button and set your weight and sex. These factors help vBacc generate an accurate estimate.

vBacc is a unique blood alcohol concentration calculator in several ways. It keeps track of how much time elapses between drinks and accounts for this when determining your BAC. You can use vBacc to monitor your BAC as it declines over time once you stop drinking.

Ideally you should hit the "Drink" button each time you finish a drink. If you forget to press drink, simply press "Drink" twice to catch-up. You can approximate what your BAC would be if you had a large number of drinks by pressing the button once for each drink. For example if you wanted to know what your BAC would be if you had 8 drinks, simply hit the drink button 8 times. This estimate would be based on having 8 drinks in very rapid succession.

If your friends hit the drink button a bunch of times and mess up your setting you can just hit the "Reset" button and then the "Drink" button enough times to get you back where you should be. The estimate will be a little high in this case since vBacc will assume you just chugged all your drinks.

You can suspend, or even shut-off vBacc and it will remember the information necessary to determine your BAC when you start it up again. Still feel drunk in the morning ? Check vBacc and it will show you if you still have a positive BAC.
Please drink responsibly and have fun with vBacc.

vBacc v1.02 is now available
v1.02 extends the original vBacc concept to multiple users. The UI is cleaned up and improved and users are now able to enter their weight in either kilograms or pounds.

Feedback, bug reports, and suggestions are always welcome.

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